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Request for Proposal - LEIA Technology Roadmap Expert Consultants

Request for Proposal - LEIA Technology Roadmap Expert Consultants Wednesday, 13 December, 2017

The deadline for submissions has now passed

Energy Saving Trust was recently awarded a leadership role alongside CLASP, a US-based international appliance efficiency and market development specialist, in an ambitious new programme focused on accelerating global markets for highly efficient off-grid and weak-grid appliances.

The programme, known as Low-Energy Inclusive Appliances (LEIA), is funded by UK Aid and will support a range of market development, technical, policy, research and innovation interventions to achieve its goals.

In support of this programme and our global partners, CLASP is seeking one or more consultants to contribute to the development of technology roadmaps for selected products.

Information on the background, objectives, scope of work, reporting and timeframe for implementation of the project is provided in the link below, along with instructions for proposal submission and evaluation.