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Community energy partnerships

Energy Saving Trust’s vision for community energy projects

The Energy Saving Trust aims to put community energy at the heart of the wider energy system. To achieve this, we work with communities, local authorities, and the energy industry to support its move to deliver low-carbon solutions to meet local needs.

What the Energy Saving Trust will do to achieve this

  • Pilot the use of smart technologies within community projects and highlight their full potential.
  • Explore financial viability of community energy options and routes to finance for these projects, including the role of local authorities in finance schemes.
  • Look at regional approaches to enable energy management and distribution on a local level.
  • Encourage partnerships between communities, local authorities and the private sector to find agreeable solutions to energy challenges.

Community work

  • Building an evidence base for what works in terms of community action
  • Developing and consolidating resources for use by everyone
  • Build relationships with figures within the energy infrastructure industry
  • Piloting new approaches for replication

Examples of our work

Up and running

Past programmes

  • Green Communities
  • LEAF
  • Renewable Heat Premium Payment, Communities scheme

More information

Contact us

If you would like to work with us on community energy, please email Community Services Manager Graham Ayling.

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