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Energy Industry Voluntary Redress Scheme

Your guide to understanding the new redress scheme

About the Energy Industry Voluntary Redress Scheme, known as the Energy Redress Scheme

Energy Saving Trust has been appointed by Ofgem to distribute payments from energy companies who have breached rules. The funds can pay for anything from making a home more energy efficient, to providing advice that helps consumers keep on top of their bills. Projects should be of benefit to people in England, Scotland and Wales.

Our role in the scheme

Energy Saving Trust has developed an open application process for charities seeking funding from the Energy Redress Scheme. Successful projects will be selected with input from an independent panel of experts and could cover a range of locations across England, Scotland and Wales. We will be administering the scheme until 2021.

Who is eligible to apply?

The Energy Redress Scheme is open to charitable organisations that support energy customers in England, Scotland and Wales.

Charitable organisations will have to demonstrate they are of good financial standing, and demonstrate the delivery of effective projects for the benefit of householders.

Local authorities and other organisations working directly with charities in relation to such projects can play a role in the scheme, however only their charitable partner will be able to submit an application and be responsible for the funding and project delivery.

Who is not eligible to apply?

If you are not a registered charity, you are not eligible to apply for funding under the Energy Redress Scheme.

Charities will not be able to apply for funding through this scheme if they or their delivery partners have close links to energy companies in England, Scotland and Wales regulated by Ofgem. This is because such companies could themselves be the subject of possible Ofgem enforcement action.

Examples include suppliers of electricity or gas, electricity or gas network operators and energy generators.

Information for charities

If you're a charity and want to find out more about the application process, our guide will provide the information you need.

How to apply

Contact our team for more information

Charitable organisations or local authorities can direct their general enquiries to our team via the 'Email us' button. For media enquiries, please email