Persuading your landlord to install energy-saving measures

Living in a rented property can be a frustrating experience if you want to stop wasting energy. After all, you’re not likely to install measures such as loft insulation at your own expense.

But there is a solution – persuading your landlord to pay for and undertake some of these energy-saving measures for you. This may sound like a tricky sell, but when you consider that grants and discounts are available for a variety of energy-saving measures, and that your landlord could also claim a tax allowance, it perhaps won’t be as hard as you think. Some grant funding for energy-efficiency measures can be accessed by the tenant if the landlord gives permission for the measure to be carried out.

There is another reason why landlords should consider improving the energy efficiency of their properties: a property which is warm, comfortable and cheap to run is far more desirable to prospective tenants than one which isn’t.

Landlords are now legally obliged to show prospective tenants the property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). So by installing energy-saving measures now, your landlord will be improving the EPC rating of the property, making it easier to rent out in the future.


Write to your landlord now  

Download our template landlord letter and encourage your landlord to take action now:

England, Northern Ireland and Wales: landlord letter

Scotland: landlord letter

All you need to do is customise the letter accordingly, copy and paste it into a blank email and then send it off to your landlord. Remember to double check that all of the links have been copied across before sending the email.

The email should at least provide a good starting point for discussions with your landlord on improving the energy efficiency of your property.


Quick fixes  

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