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Our charitable Foundation gives evidence-based insight and advice to empower millions of people to lead affordable, low-energy lifestyles


There are three very good reasons to promote affordable, low-carbon lifestyles:

Leading scientists are united in the belief that climate change is real and that action is required now

Household fuel bills continue to rise

Our reliance on imported energy from abroad is not sustainable

The most practical and cost-effective way to address these issues is to reduce our energy consumption. Saving energy – or not wasting it – makes total sense.

What it means to lead affordable, low-carbon lifestyles:

  • Older homes should be fully insulated and affordably heated
  • New homes should use almost no energy from the grid
  • Every home should be water efficient
  • Low-carbon vehicles should be the norm for businesses and consumers
  • Every suitable home should be fitted with renewable energy generation and storage
  • The green economy should be driven by consumers with a new awareness of their energy choices

What we do and why

The UK is committed to achieving an 80 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. To achieve these goals we need radical change. Society needs a major re-think. We are committed to making it easier for people to change their behaviour and mind-set through practical solutions.

We put people at the centre of what we do and empower millions to make fully-informed decisions, not forgetting the crucial role played by business and charities in helping them.

  • We give free independent and impartial advice online
  • We forge partnerships to reach more people more quickly
  • We help communities to get started with low-carbon projects
  • We help drive the green economy
  • We undertake new pioneering research to help us find practical solutions towards a low-carbon life

Foundation facts

We engage with more than 5,000,000 people every year on energy efficiency and with more than 2,000 active community groups on energy-saving projects.

Since the Energy Saving Trust was formed we’ve helped households to save

  • 200 million tonnes of lifetime CO2 emissions
  • £440 million on their fuel bills

Our advice service helped householders to install more than 800,000 energy-saving measures in one year alone (to April 2012). See  EST in the news


Big Energy Rethink

We are working on pioneering research to help find practical solutions towards a low-energy life. 

Read about the Big Energy Rethink.

Read more about our pioneering research


Twenty points of progress

The Energy Saving Trust was established on the back of the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. In  our blog we list 20 things that we think are important steps forward in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

We seek partners who are committed to helping everyone to reduce their impact on climate change and dependency on carbon-emitting fuel. Become a key player in gathering new insight for public good. 

For partnering opportunities, contact Clare Hierons at the Energy Saving Trust:


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  • We've helped households save 200m tonnes of lifetime CO2 and £440m on fuel bills
  • We work with 2,000 community groups on energy saving projects every year
  • Our independent advice appears across national media every week
  • We engage with over 5m people a year on energy efficiency issues

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