Plugged-in Fleets Initiative 100

Looking for advice on how to successfully use plug-in vehicles in your business? Energy Saving Trust, funded by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), is offering 100 organisations free analysis and a tailored review.

Apply now to benefit from:

  • analysis of where and how plug-in vehicles could work in your business
  • a whole life cost analysis, comparing existing vehicles with suitable plug-in alternatives
  • infrastructure advice
  • a tailored final report.

Successful applicants will also get access to our Plugged-in Fleets Group, the UK’s only online platform dedicated to helping fleets discuss plug-in vehicles and keep up to date with the latest developments in this area. We look forward to welcoming you to the forum.

Participating fleets will need to commit to:

  • Complete an application form and sign a pledge committing to engage in the initiative and seriously consider the recommendations
  • Share live fleet lists, vehicle usage and fuel data with EST
  • Attend two face to face meetings with an EST Fleet Consultant
  • Share high level findings in a public report.

Eligibility criteria - organisations in England with vehicles under 3.5 tonnes.


Case studies

Fruit 4 London have acquired plug-in vans after working with us. See how their vehicles are bearing fruit.

City of York Council have successfully integrated plug-in vehicles into their fleet, following an Energy Saving Trust Plugged-in Fleets review.  Find out more.


How to apply

If you would like to apply to take part in PIFI 100 please complete the application form and email to To discuss the initiative, please call Ian Featherstone, Knowledge Manager, EST on 0207 227 0310.


Ask the experts

Watch a recording of our latest 'Ask the experts' Q&A, with Jonathan Mitchell, Head of Strategy with the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). Find out first-hand what the Government’s vision is for plug-in vehicles in the UK.

Watch a recording of our 'Ask the experts' Q&A, with electric vehicle charging and infrastructure specialists Ian Featherstone and Caroline Watson from the Energy Saving Trust, and Kate Armitage from EDF Energy.The session included two short presentations on the latest developments around EV charging and infrastructure, and a discussion on the key topics around electric vehicles including home and workplace charging; public charging infrastructure; range anxiety; and modes, types and compatibility.


Plugged in Fleets Initiative (2012–13)

Findings from our Plugged-in Fleets Initiative (PIFI) have been published in our new report ‘Charging Forward’. We present unique insights from our analysis of twenty organisations across England who took part in PIFI.

The initiative was funded by Transport for London (TfL) and the Department for Transport (DfT) and delivered in partnership with EDF Energy and Route Monkey. Each of the twenty companies received free guidance and a strategic plan for the introduction of plug-in vehicles into their fleets.

Experts from the Energy Saving Trust undertook detailed analysis on each fleet to identify how electric vehicles could best be used by the organisation and what the costs would be. 

The initiative had three key aims:

  • to provide a tailored report for each participating fleet, showing how electric vehicles can fit into and benefit their organisation
  • to offer wider practical advice for all business fleets: our findings and case studies from the initiative will be published in a final report
  • to enable fleet decision makers to purchase and use electric vehicles where they work best.

Download the report Plugged-in Fleets Initiative: Charging Forward.

To find out how plug-in vehicles can work for you, including information on funding opportunities, read our press release about the  Plugged-in Fleets Initiative.

You can also watch a webinar, presented by Caroline Watson and Helen Moore from the Energy Saving Trust, together with speakers from EDF Energy and Route Monkey, explaining the findings of the Plugged-in Fleets Initiative. Click here to view the recording.

If you're interested in applying for a plugged-in fleet review, email Ian Featherstone at


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