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Employee engagement

Energy Saving Trust has been at the leading edge of UK behavioural and cultural change in energy efficiency for almost 20 years and is a trusted and authoritative source of expert and impartial advice.

Use our employee engagement services to help you engage and inspire your workforce in your sustainability agenda:

  • Create visibility and awareness of the organisation’s sustainability strategy, ensuring employees become active stakeholders in its success.
  • Mitigate environmental fatigue by using fresh, innovative engagement strategies.
  • Drive buy-in across the whole organisation, regardless of department or discipline.
  • Provide simple and practical advice on how your staff can save energy and money for the organisation.
  • Encourage staff to save energy and money at home.
  • Increase staff satisfaction and productivity as a result of employee engagement strategies.

  Training courses for sustainable energy champions

These courses will help champions in your organisation to:

  • do more, and keep up momentum
  • keep informed of sustainability issues
  • identify, reduce and control the impact of your organisation’s activities
  • communicate sustainability issues to staff
  • communicate the benefits of taking action – for the company, but more importantly for the staff themselves.

We can also tailor the training for senior managers: for real success, you will need buy-in throughout your organisation.


Communication strategy  

Develop an annual or long-term plan for employee behaviour change with ongoing and ad-hoc consultancy support from our in-house experts on three key elements:

Measuring and benchmarking results
It’s vital to understand where your organisation and your employees are now, where you want to get to, and how you can measure how far you have got.

Without clear, dynamic and inspiring communications on environmental, climate and sustainability issues, you won’t get  employees on board. Without regular updates, with authoritative information and new messaging, they will lose momentum.

Behaviour change
Plan and deliver activity that will actually generate savings – carbon dioxide savings and money savings. Our experience in campaign planning and activity execution sets us apart from many of the other organisations in this marketplace – and our knowledge of the bottom line in financial and energy savings is how these strategies will get signed off in the board room.



Our range of online tools for e-learning offer a low cost per head and measurable results. E-learning can offer your company or organisation many benefits, letting you:

  • embed a sustainability culture
  • encourage positive behaviours
  • green the workplace – boost resource efficiency, save energy and carbon
  • minimise staff time away from work
  • engage staff across multiple sites
  • work towards ISO 14001 accreditation.

Tools and web apps

Our online e-tools and web apps let your employees enter personalised data and get tailored reports, encouraging actions that could make a real difference to their energy consumption.


E-learning tool

Our online e-learning tool will help your employees learn about how to save energy and work out the benefits of saving energy. Employees learn through a series of engaging and informative web modules around key sustainability topics, with videos, quizzes, and links to web apps. Each module provides inspiring ideas of actions you can take straight away to save energy and money through small easy steps, as well as encouraging longer-term planning. Users can output reports of the progress they’ve made, and you can measure results across your organisation.


Bespoke e-learning solutions

Using our behaviour change team’s sustainability expertise we can:

  • design engaging e-learning solutions tailored to your training needs
  • develop bespoke tools or course content to communicate your sustainability strategy
  • produce e-learning modules to help your workforce understand their role in meeting your organisation’s energy-saving objectives.

Workshops, talks and consultations  

Sometimes, nothing is more persuasive than face-to-face interaction. Where CSR (corporate social responsibility) managers and facilities managers have struggled to engage with their staff, they have looked to the Energy Saving Trust to help out by communicating sustainable energy issues.

Our experts are available for on-site visits to give in-depth advice on:

  • energy saving in the home
  • energy-saving transport
  • conserving water
  • reducing waste
  • microgeneration (small scale renewables) technologies for the home.

We can arrange a variety of different experiences for your employees to receive expert energy advice during work time: 

Energy-saving workshops

Our experts tailor a workshop for a select group of your staff to provide them with energy-saving advice

Brown bag lunches
Informal, interactive and fun mini-talks given during breaks or lunch hours where staff can pop along and listen to our experts talk about energy saving, while they eat. 


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