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Green Deal certification

If you're an installer of insulation, lighting or glazing, a sole trader or a large corporation, Green Deal installer certification will allow you to:

  • access new markets under Green Deal and ECO
  • prove your quality to private customers.
  • increase your sales potential.

  Why choose Energy Saving Trust?

We know about the Green Deal. Our knowledge is constantly updated: we give advice to consumers through the Energy Saving Advice Service phone line in England and Wales, and Home Energy Scotland in Scotland. 

We know about PAS 2030. We were the technical author of the PAS 2030 standards and so we have exceptional experience and expertise in certifying organisations against it.

We understand your customers. We have more than 20 years’ experience in advising householders on all areas of energy efficiency.

We know your area. Our local teams have in-depth knowledge of regional areas so we can give bespoke advice on initiatives and insight in your catchment area.

Plus we have:

  • UKAS accreditation to provide certification of Green Deal Installers – download our full accreditation schedule
  • a wide range of other services supporting installer certification, including workshops to help you understand these new schemes and prepare for certification.

  What work is covered?

Energy Saving Trust certification covers all the energy-saving improvements in the Green Deal, including:


  What's included?

We offer an independent and impartial service at competitive prices.

You will get:

  • independent certification from an accredited certification body
  • access to our Certified Installer logo – Energy Saving Trust brands are recognised by consumers, industry, government and local authorities
  • visibility on our website, which has 3.5 million unique visitors a year – check which companies are already listed
  • access to auditors who were involved in the development of the certification standard

You pay an application fee, and then as needed for:

  • an office audit – you may need more if you operate from more than one office
  • a site Inspection for each measure you want certification for.

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Buy the second edition of the PAS2030 standard for installers that forms the basis of the Green Deal installer certification – go to the BSI Shop website to buy a copy.

BSI affiliate


Review details of the Minimum Technical Competencies for the relevant measures at the Cut the Carbon website.

Find out more from our certification team:

Or apply now:  download our application form.

Read about our customer complaints procedure. 


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Energy Saving Trust certified installer

The Energy Saving Trust has UKAS accreditation to provide certification for Green Deal installers.


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Get more details from our certification team:

or apply now: download our application form.