European funding support

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The Energy Saving Trust has been working with European agencies and on behalf of the European Commission for many years and has gained experience and many contacts within Europe. 


Current EU initiatives

The Energy Saving Trust is currently involved in a number of EU initiatives including:

  • Covenant of Mayors - we are a supporting structure for the Covenant of Mayors initiative
  • the European Energy Network (EnR), a voluntary network of 24 European energy agencies promoting sustainable energy, disseminating best practice and strengthening collaborative working across Europe
  • National Contact Point (on behalf of DECC) and joint coordinator of the Concerted Action for the Energy Services Directive (CA ESD) and National Contact Point (on behalf of DECC) and joint leader of the Working Group on Renewables in Buildings and District Heating in the Concerted Action for the Renewables Directive (CA RES)
  • Campaign Associate of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign, a European Commission initiative which aims to raise awareness and promote sustainable energy production and use among individuals and organisations, private companies and public authorities, professional and energy agencies, industry associations and NGOs across Europe.

We are also involved in the delivery of a number of European-funded projects such as:

  • REQUEST – driving action on Energy Performance Certificates
  • RENEW – water and energy advice
  • Ecowill – eco-driving training for driving instructors.

Funding bid support

Through our work in Europe we have gained valuable experience and contacts to assist you in putting together bids for European funding.

We have been working closely with both Birmingham and Newcastle City Council in their applications for European Funding (ELENA and IEE respectively). This has been provided as part of our support for the development of a business case to establish a programme for the financing and implementation of an eco-refurbishment programme.

We are able to offer you a range of support with European funding bids depending on your project, and your needs. We can::

  • help you  identify project partners in Europe through our EnR connections
  • write, review and provide feedback on applications
  • work with you to refine the details of projects to make them more appealing to funders and meet funding requirements
  • provide insight based on our experiences with Birmingham and Newcastle
  • potentially, partner with you in any bid application in support of your bid and project.

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