Benefits of the Endorsed Advice Service

The benefits of the Energy Saving Trust's Endorsed Advice Service include:

increased customer satisfaction

increased consumer trust and confidence

increased staff satisfaction

increased sales.


Increased customer satisfaction  

Last year, the Energy Saving Trust advised 3.5 million people on how to save energy, choose renewables, reduce waste, conserve water and cut down on transport emissions. So far this year 85% of our customers have been satisfied or very satisfied with the service they have received from us.

“The advice was apt, direct and devoid of gobbledygook. In other words it was directly relevant… Also important was the fact there was no pressure,” they told us.

Our customers would recommend the Energy Saving Trust to family and friends, “Because you are the best source of impartial advice available in the UK.”

Juliet Davenport, CEO of Good Energy, said: “We've partnered with the Energy Saving Trust so our customer care team can offer the highest standard of advice on energy efficiency to our customers.”

85% of trade professional customers are confident that the advice we give is correct.

70% agree that the Energy Saving Trust is independent and recommends high-quality practical solutions. They say:

“Somewhere to go for neutral and unbiased advice.”

“The work they do for the sector is up to date and they are at the cutting edge of new developments.”


Increased consumer trust and confidence  

Seventeen years’ experience in delivering energy-saving advice has established the Energy Saving Trust as the most trusted source of advice in the UK.

  • An independent survey of over 2,000 people in October 2009 showed that more than half the respondents believe that the Energy Saving Trust is trustworthy and impartial when providing advice on how to save energy in the home.
  • More than half of consumers believe that a lot of companies pretend to be green just to charge higher prices. Nearly two thirds find it difficult to tell whether the claims of a green product are true or not.
  • 63% of respondents to an independent survey in 2010 said that they are more likely to believe advice if it is endorsed by an independent expert body like the Energy Saving Trust.
  • 60% in the same survey said that they look for labels telling them how energy efficient an electrical product is before buying.

Increased staff satisfaction  

“Employees who are personally engaged in sustainability can drive performance in all aspects of business,” says Customer Focus. Staff we have trained say the same:

  • I get a buzz from the fact I’ve been able to help our customers save money. I gave energy advice to one customer and he was so grateful. He said to me: ‘Why has no one ever explained that to me before?’ ” Call centre operative, August 2010
  • I thought the training was excellent and really well delivered.” Customer Care Advisor, 2010
  • The training will be beneficial to my everyday life both in and out of work.” Sales Advisor, 2010
  • “I feel that I have gained an excellent applied knowledge of energy saving and the costs and savings involved. I am now happy to discuss money savings, costs and installation processes for all types of energy efficiency products and I feel that I can offer our customers a much better service because of it.” Customer Care Advisor, July 2010
  • “Inspiring a change in energy-consuming behaviour will be a lot easier now that I know exactly what questions to ask in order to give advice which is appropriate and practical. It’s also useful to have the support of the EST if a customer has an unusual question or problem which I wouldn’t necessarily know how to answer!” Call Centre Advisor, September 2010

Increased sales  

Read Good Energy’s case study.

Research has shown that the Energy Saving Trust Endorsed by logo significantly increases consumer interest in an energy-saving proposition:

  • Independent research carried out by ICM in July 2010 found that consumer interest in the proposition increases by 11% and consumer trust increases by 9% when the Endorsed by logo is displayed on a company’s marketing material;
  • Ethical consumerism continues to rise despite the economic downturn. In 2008, more than half of consumers said they were buying more environmentally responsible products than two years before.
  • Green home expenditure (including energy-efficient electrical appliances) rose by 13% in the 12 months to 2008 (according to the Co-op Ethical consumerism report 2008)

Only 20% of consumers believe that companies are doing enough to promote environmentally friendly options.

When you partner with the Energy Saving Trust and lead the market in providing best-practice energy-saving advice, it will be clear to new and existing customers that you are serious about tackling climate change while enhancing your corporate social responsibility credentials.

According to the Co-operative Bank’s Ethical Consumerisms report, in 2008, 59% of people surveyed said that they had talked to a friend or family about a company’s behaviour and 57% had chosen a product or service based on that behaviour.


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