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Endorsed Advice Service

The Endorsed Advice Service enables your staff to deliver trusted and accurate energy-saving advice to your customers.

Research shows that 63% of consumers agree that “I am more likely to believe advice if it is endorsed by an independent expert body like EST.” Three out of four people said that they were looking for ways to reduce their energy bills in an independent survey of over 4,500 adults in the UK earlier this year.

The Energy Saving Trust has 17 years of customer-facing experience in delivering energy-saving and microgeneration advice to customers. Now we’ve developed a standard for best practice, to ensure that staff deliver a first-rate service and that customers act on their advice. Our Endorsed Advice Service is designed to help your staff meet that standard, and deliver best-practice advice to your customers, whether it’s over the phone, face to face, or in store, and whether it's to consumers or housing professionals.


What's included

It’s a bespoke package built on your employees’ existing knowledge and tailored to match your business needs. The elements are:


Optional training

If you need help in meeting the standard, you may also be interested in the training we can offer - but you may find that training is not needed, can be done in-house, or can be arranged with another supplier: our training package is quite separate from our endorsement package.


The benefits of endorsed advice

When customers get up-to-date, accurate information that they feel they can trust, they’re more likely to act on it. So the benefits of the Endorsed Advice Service are:


What our clients say

“We’ve partnered with the Energy Saving Trust so our customer care team can offer the highest standard of advice on energy efficiency to our customers.”
Juliet Davenport, CEO of Good Energy, July 2010

“I get a buzz from the fact I’ve been able to help our customers save money. I gave energy advice to one customer and he was so grateful. He said to me,’Why has no one ever explained that to me before?’ ”
Call centre operative, August 2010

“Inspiring a change in energy-consuming behaviour will be a lot easier now that I know exactly what questions to ask to give advice that’s appropriate and practical. It’s also useful to have the support of the EST if a customer has an unusual question or problem which I wouldn’t necessarily know how to answer!”
Call centre advisor, September 2010 


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To find out more or sign up now, contact us at endorsedadvice@est.org.uk.

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