Choosing a renewable technology


What suits your location?

The factors to consider for your property are:

  • for solar PV and solar thermal: which way your roof faces
  • for solar water heating, heat pumps and wood-fuelled: space inside and outside
  • for hydroelectricity, whether you have a stream or river running past
  • for wind turbines, what the average wind speed is.

What suits your needs?

Looking at it the other way, do you want to generate heat, or electricity, or both?


Generate electricity


Solar panels (PV)

Wind turbines


Generate heat

Air source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps

Solar water heating

Wood-fuelled heating


Generate electricity and heat

Micro-CHP (micro combined heat and power)


Before you start...

If you're thinking about installing a system to generate your own heat, make sure your home is as well insulated as it can be so your heat-producing system can be most efficient.

Focus on improving insulation and tackling draughts.